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"Surely stones assimilate something of the lives of the people whom they shelter. Does a sort of fluid which has emanated from them still float, long after they are dead, around the walls within which they have lived ? Otherwise, whence the powerful attraction of these things? How is that there, more than anywhere else, we can establish a mysterious communication with the past ? At night-fall and in the silence of the deserted street, this house where Saint- Just was brought up, where he suffered, was consumed with anger, and experienced the joys of triumph, attracts and disquiets one. 

The closed bays give an air of blindness to its decrepit facade, but an opening in the gable enables you to enter what was the dining-room now turned into a cart-shed. Behind some carts can still be seen, against the wall and on a level with the former flooring, the wooden mantelpiece, painted black, as well as the framework of the pier-glass. Otherwise the house is unchanged. Even the hornbeam hedge at the bottom of the garden, along the border of the streamlet, is still thick and green. People call it ” Monsieur Saint-Just’s Alley”.”

—G. Lenotre, p203 Romances of the French Revolution, translated by Frederic Lees (1908)

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